Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Love this snowman stamp! I also got the daytime version!
No snow here, yet...There is some in the forecast for thursday! Steve id run into snow yesterday morning on the way to work. He is still riding the bike, and I guess he looked like a snowman when he got to work!


Sue said...

Lori, Lisa brought me this snowman from Ohio last year when I didn't go to the convention. I love snowmen, any size and shape and have quite a collection, can't seem to pass up a new one when I see it. I still have had no luck
uploading a pic on inkstainers, it all acts like it's doin it's thing, but no pic!

Anyway, Love your snowman!!

Aunt Sue

MezzoKat said...

Wow! I'm bowled over, and considering the digits on my bathroom scales, that's quite a feat!